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Robert Mills


I'm a Director of Photography, Editor, and Producer of corporate, commercial, music, event, and documentary films.  I enjoy traveling and meeting new people, cultures, and interesting things. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to film in many locations around the world and for an incredibly diverse group of clients.  From the spirits industry, automotive, skin care, fashion, healthcare, and just about every other business in between.  I have been working professionally in the video production business since 2001. I started my grown-up career as a carpenter which I truly loved, but also had a passion for telling peoples stories through video .  During first 10 years or so of my video career my work focused on weddings, filming nearly 600 . It wasn't long before some of my past wedding clients were asking me to film for their businesses and so I started branching out into commercial and corporate work . Since 2012 most all of my work has primarily been focused on corporate clients  like Jim Beam, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Arbonne, IU Health, University of Cincinnati, Macy's, Bloomingdales, SEMA, and many more. I have had the opportunity to film dozens of music videos, live concerts and events across the country. I often work alone but when I need help I have a small crew of talented people that I rely on to capture great content, light the scene, and help me to tackle the larger projects where a crew is expected and needed. I love learning new things and this profession allows me to learn something new almost every time I throw the tripod and camera in the car and head out. 

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